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Wine Aerator

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Hello everyone so I recently received this FILWN Wine Aerator Pourer  yesterday! I was so excited to try this product. I drink a glass of red wine daily. (You know to keep the doctor away) Haha I think that is the saying 😉

So before I get into the review of this product I wanted to talk about why you should use a win aerator! I am going to be honest I never purchased one before because I was so skeptical that it could actually be a benefit to purchase.

You should use an Aerator to make your wine taste better! Why? Oxidation occurs when your wine pours through the aerator which allows the full potential of you wine to taste the best.

You should use an aerator to allow your wine to breathe better as you pour. Check out this brand to see:  FILWN Wine Aerator  this product has a notched spout to prevent splashing (I hate wasting my wine), an ergonomic tilt for easy pouring, and a rubber ring for good sealing to prevent leaking.

This aerator has a flow regulator which allows the perfect mix of air to wine! It also has 3 air holes that draw in oxygen for the perfect aeration.

You should consider a wine aerator as a wedding present, holiday gift or any other gifting purposes.  Check out how this comes with a cute container to store your aerator in!

You should purchase an aerator because you will have amazing flavor till your very last drop in the bottle!

You should be warned that if you do use an Aerator you won’t be able to go back to wine that is poured without one!

I did a small test with my wine and allowed my husband to try a sip without it being aerated but he didn’t know I had got an aerator in the mail (haha). He said he truly didn’t care for that red wine so I told him I had purchased another brand at the store and try it. So I poured him a drink of the same red wine with the aerator on it. Much to my surprise he loved it and that is when I showed him it was the same wine. (haha) The aerator allowed the full flavor of the wine to open up so we could enjoy it so much more! Needless to say we won’t be drinking our wine without an aerator anymore. I highly recommend you at least trying aerated win if you haven’t to see for yourself why its important to use one. You cannot go wrong with purchasing one it will pay you back in the long run! 🙂 I hope you all enjoyed this review and look forward to hearing from you in the comments.

If you are ready to take a look at a  wine aerator  I have found this brand has been perfect for my needs and will end up be a huge

part of my wine every night! (Forget to mention how easy it was to clean also!!)

The great news is this is only $10.99!!!

Be sure to comment below to let us know if you have even used a wine aerator?!

I received this complimentary for my honest review!

5 thoughts on “Wine Aerator

  1. Sorry hon, but I am a tea totter most of the times. I can occasionally enjoy a Bailey’s. However my husband who is a wine lover, this might just be a good gift for him. Sounds like a good one

  2. I love our wine aerator but I have to admit this one looks a lot nicer. Even cheap wines taste almost drinkable when you use an aerator

  3. Looks like a great gift for any wine lover! I don’t have one myself but I’ve heard it really does improve the flavour of you wine

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