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Why A Night Light Sensor?!

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Why should you have  night light sensors? How many times have you laid in bed needing to go to the bathroom but you don’t feel like trying to find the light or turning it on since it will be too bright! I do this every night haha I don’t feel like getting up because I don’t like such bright lights. I got this in the mail and was so eager to try it out.

There are many uses for this sensored night light just to name a few you can use them to light your stairs, place in your bathroom, if you need to brighten up your closet or even for a footpath anywhere you need them! The best part is the night light sensor come in a pack of two!!

Check out this cool video on how to work the device:

YouTube VBlog How To Work The Sensor Night Light

Press and hold the side button for 2 seconds for the bottom to come on, press and hold the side button for 2 seconds again to activate just the bottom light, press and hold the side button again for 2 more seconds for just the top light to activate.

Some photos to show you only SOME of the different colors

How does the night light sensor stay in place? Easy it comes with a sticky mount which has 3 holes on the back side you place it in and slide up to lock into place.

YouTube Vblog On The Mount

The sensor night light  takes 3 AAA batteries to run. So not only will it help save electric it won’t break your bank account either!

This night light sensor  has a intelligent sensor that detects motion. Using it as a toilet light means the sensor is a smart sensor where it will only pick up on movement and it is also light sensitive. Using it in any other room the sensor will only work during darkness and it will sensor you coming into that room and turn on. When you walk out of the room it will turn off no need to worry.

There is 8 different colors to choose from light yellow, blue, green, red, light blue, yellow, purple or white!

The possibilities are endless where you would like to mount the night light sensors!!

Now that I have explained a few details about this product lets get into what I think about it!! First off I have to say I have a few night lights in my house due to the fact I don’t like super bright lights at night they trigger me to have headaches. So I was really eager to get this and try it out. I used these two lights in separate rooms of the house. I put one in my

bathroom on the wall as my nightlight which worked out perfectly since I don’t have any outlets around the toilet like I needed. The second one I put in my child’s closet because there was no light installed in it which makes it really hard to see what is in there. I plan on purchasing more because they haven’t failed me yet and the brightness is perfect for me! I have some stairs I will be lighting up next 🙂

Comment below what is your favorite part about this night light sensor?

I received this product complimentary for my 100% honest review.




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  1. Never seen this kind of sensor used before. We have nightlight in the house but this would be something new to use.

    1. You’re welcome! I agree I really think you would benefit from this product the fact that it is light sensitive and motion activated would be perfect for your dark stair case 🙂

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