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Who works the dove? 

I was recently excepted into a review panelist for Dove care antiperspirant. I don’t know about all of you but I’m a super picky deodorant user haha.

I am the type when I find something that kinda works I stick with it. I learn how long I can go without replying it. How long I can workout before I start to sweat. My body loves to sweat so I have tried many kinds that claim to be the best.

When I hear about new brands that are suppose to work I am the skeptical one,  who just doesn’t want to ruin another shirt to try out a product.  Below will be my honest review of this brand deodorant each day for a week! Here goes nothing ?

Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant

The first day of using Dove care antiperspirant I had to get use to the strong smell of the deodorant. It’s not that it smells bad honestly it smells like fruit. I’m not use to smelling my deodorant unless I’m starting to sweat and it’s working. I did feel myself sweating using this brand on the first day.

This is now day two of trying this product. I have already noticed a small change in the softness of my armpit. It glides on so smoothly that it don’t irate my sensitive skin. I can tell it is conditioning my hair and my skin. I still smell the frangrance all day but I didn’t sweat as much today.

Day 3 nothing much to report! It is still working really well. I’m really impressed by this antiperspirant. I have noticed that my hair isn’t as prickly when it’s growing in.

So it is helping my armpits to be less irritated.

We are at Day 4 now! I decided to shave in the morning ? If you have sensitive skin you know shaving in the morning instead of the evening then putting on antiperspirant can be awful haha. Well I’m here to report it is okay. Even my shave was closer this time. This brand has really impressed me over the past few days.

Finally we have reached day 5. I honestly have nothing else to report about this brand. My skin is super soft from using it in just one week. I never tried to see if it actually stayed for 48 hours I just put it on every morning.

Overall I’m really impressed with Dove Care Antiperspirant I received complimentary for my honest opinion. I highly recommend trying it and leaving your reviews below. 🙂

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