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When should you replace makeup brushes?

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For years I never used makeup brushes to apply my makeup just the eye applicators that came with the eyeshadow. I wasn’t taught to put on makeup just the bare essentials. I became a model and learned how I needed to do my makeup. I won’t lie I am to this day still learning how to apply makeup the best and each year it gets better. I must say right now that makeup brushes are a MUST HAVE!!!

You should toss out your makeup brushes one to five years depending on the amount of use. Why should you toss out your makeup brushed even if they still look fine? Do you clean your makeup brushes every time you use them or just once a week? Honestly depending on the amount of use your brush is use to then once a week might be okay. What do you clean your makeup brushes with? You should be using a cleanser for cleaning your brushes even Johnsons baby shampoo should be okay. If you don’t clean your brushes they way they need to be cleaned then you will need to replace your makeup brushes in a year maybe sooner.

Do you know what brushes you need to be using?

The guide above comes with this brush set! You can sometimes use a brush that isn’t meant for the particular section on your face. I use a few different brushes to get my desired look!

This set comes with a cute storage bag to store your brushes on the go.

Set Includes:
Foundation Brush(Synthetic bristles)
– Apply skincare products, primers, liquid and cream foundations for a flawless base
Powder Brush (Natural animal hair)
– Extra soft bristles blend powders and bronzers seamless for an instant airbrush look
Angle Eye Shadow Brush(Natural animal hair)
– Slanted design ensures control placement of color and blending
Smokey Eye Brush (Natural animal hair)
– Blending & diffuse eye shadows seamless for perfect smoke eye
Eyebrow Brush (Synthetic bristles)
– Precise application brow product, as well as gel and liquid liners
Lip Brush(Natural animal hair)
– Expertly lines the contours of the lip for added definition, apply lipstick, lip gloss or stain
PU Leather Case
– Travel friendly size for easy storage, take your brushes with you for a quick touch up

All pictured below!

These are lightweight makeup brushes made of synthetic bristles/ natural animal hair. Very soft bristles which holds product very well which allows for the best application. *Note the goat hair used in these brushes is 100% natural!

To care for your brushes be sure you are cleaning them at least once a week. Dampen the brush, apply cleaner, rinse well then blot the excess water be sure to reshape your makeup brushes then lay flat to dry!

I received this product at high discount to give my honest review!

Comment below what makeup brush is your favorite! Also how often do you clean your makeup brushes?

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Be sure to check out their Facebook page:

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My makeup application after using these brushes 🙂   


7 thoughts on “When should you replace makeup brushes?

    1. Thank you! I honestly had no clue when I first started using brushes and for sponges you want to replace those monthly. Thank you for reading.

  1. Beautiful brushes and beautiful makeup! I’d be embarrassed to say how looooon I’ve had the same make-up brushes. Had no idea.

  2. Beautiful brushes and beautiful makeup! I’d be embarrassed to say how looooong I’ve had the same make-up brushes. Had no idea.

  3. Wow! I really need to “up” my makeup brush game. =) I try to wash my brushes every few months, but I certainly haven’t replaced them, and some of my brushes are really old. =( Thanks for all the fabulous tips!

    1. Don’t feel bad I did the same before I knew. I couldn’t tell you how long I had my first set of brushes haha. You’re welcome! Thank you for reading. XO

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