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Weightloss and Toning After Birth!

As moms we know exactly all the changes our body went through and the hormones changes that are trying to be regular again. Let me just say after three years of having my child I still have some baby weight. How did that happen? Oh yeah! Depression, hormones and stress were the main reasons of not losing the eight quicker!! 

I once looked at pregnant women and thought wow I would never want my body to go through that. You think you know exactly how they feel. Haha So funny right?

Here is my story of life after a baby! I have tried many programs/ weight loss products that claim to work. I had one effect me so bad I thought I was having a heart attack! I have always been a fit person so I wanted to be fit again with a snap of a finger. Hmm didn’t work like I wanted haha! 

I didn’t realize that putting so much pressure on myself would cause my body to hold onto the weight! Yep, you heard that right the stress, hormones and depression I was going through wasn’t allowing me to lose anytime of weight. 

It took 2 years for me to get out of the stressful depression I was in. I decided to become a personal trainer learn more about my body. I got my certificate and realized I had wasted so much money on weightloss programs. 

I the products I tried were so bad for my body but I saw all these fit people “using” the product. Let me tell you a secret I found! Google some before and after photos of some of those popular programs you will be surprised to learn that it’s water bloat in the first photo. 

The reason I decided to put my story out there is because most women are too hard on themselves. When you are a stay at home mom you are around food all the time, you are stressed, and so on. So there is a few tips to help keep your mind off food! (When you’re bored) 

We all look at those natural women who lose their baby weight in just a few days. They normally say well I ate well during pregnancy, or I exercised blahh blahh blahh. Hun, it’s genetics or you just didn’t eat like you should of!! I was the one looking at them thinking why couldn’t I look like that after 2/

3 weeks ugh! Guess what that put me into a deep depression. 

My key tips are to stay off social media it will only make you feel worse. Focus on yourself and your child. When you want food, drink water, exercise or snack on something healthy. Normally when you feel hungry you are thirsty! Also food prep is a life savor! 

I am still on my journey to the full weightloss but now it’s a healthy way. I meal prep each week so I don’t want fast food. If I feel bored at home and craving food I reach for water, then exercise, if those didn’t work I eat a small healthy snack. 

I have so many tips and tricks to share with ladies who are still struggling with their weight. If you are one of them comment below! Subscribe to my emails and let’s become friends. Let me help you with a healthy weightloss instead of diet programs that only do harm to your body. 

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