Top Ten Fitness Trends Of 2017


10 Top fitness trends of 2017! 


As we closed the book on 2016 a few months ago we ran into a lot of new fitness trends. What are the new trends of 2017 already? Just like anything else fitness is striving to have top trends as well! When you get new trends you want to workout.

  1. wearable technology Wearable Technology – These don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. They just keep making better ones each year. Just because you purchase the top of the line wearable doesn’t mean you are going to lose weight. You need to make sure you are eating clean and exercising not just worrying about how many steps you take in a day. With that said it doesn’t mean it isn’t still useful and something nice to have. You can still use this to help you reach certain fitness goals.
  2. Training with your body weightTraining with your body weight – Yep you heard that right! There is no need for that fancy gym membership or total gym for your home! Your body weight is efficient enough to achieve lean muscles. If you are looking to build muscle you will still need weights and your gym membership. But if you don’t have the money to go to the gym you can train with your body weight.
  3. HIITHIIT – This is very high cardio! Which means will spike your heart rate to almost the maximum! I don’t really agree with this exercise because it can be hard on your body but this is becoming the new fad. *Be sure to check with your doctor before doing any exercise*
  4. Learn from educated professionals – When you learn how to do exercises from educated professionals you will learn the proper form so reduce the risk of injury!
  5. Strength TrainStrength training – This will always be a trend! It helps protect your bone health and muscle mass. Looking for a great way to lose the weight and keep it off this is what you need to be doing
  6. Training with friendsTraining with friends – When you train with a group of people you are more likely to stick to a routine. They will keep you going strong at your workouts. Also when you are in a group you are willing to push yourself longer and achieve the maximum workout your body will allow.
  7. Exercise is medicineExercise is medicine – There is a lot of benefits of exercise (I will be posting about this on my blog soon this will be updated with the link) Are you treating something by medicine that exercise could possibly be helping?
  8. YogaYoga – This is a practice that will help calm your body and mind. This has been around a long time but just recently has become a huge trend. Yoga helps with relieving stress by using relaxation  techniques. It will help you become more flexible if you have any back problems you might want to try yoga to help you out.
  9. Personal TrainingPersonal Training – After you have spoke to your doctor about exercising it is a good idea to look into getting a personal trainer. They had to go through schooling in order to be able to help train people. Be sure to ask a personal trainer questions to make sure they know what is best for you and your health. They should have you fill out a form that will have information about your health so they can know what exercise is best for you.
  10. Exercise and weight lossExercise and weight loss – Nutrition is very important when exercising! You don’t want to exercise without eating clean. You will just be putting in work to maintain where you are at. Your personal trainer might of had a nutrition class that could help you figure out what to eat. (I will be blogging about a few ideas what you should eat.)

If you enjoy crossfit, HIIT, weight training or anything else looks like the trend will be in for awhile. Comment below how you like to exercise and what you need help with?

Be sure you are keep track of your weekly workout correctly! You can find the link here