Network Marketing Just A Ploy For You To Waste Your Money?

Network marketing just a ploy for you to waste your money? Find out below!

I know many of you have seen an opportunity once in your life. Some say right away it’s a scam. They are not all scams I have made money with a few. The insight I would like to address in this blog post is you need money to make money and the lies everyone will tell you over and over just to get you on their team.

Do you have money to make money? Yes, you heard that correctly!! Let’s put it this way if you can wipe your ass with $1,000.00 then you will be fine in the networking field. Okay now I know a few are saying no most companies are only $1, $25, $50 or even $100 to join. This is not what I am talking about. Let’s say your company has a quota each month to stay ranked. Guess what you will be putting in money if you cannot get the customers. So some go ahead and purchase the products keep them on hand for vendor shows etc. You get my point if you have ever been in this kind of industry.

We hear about all these people who pushed and never gave up their dream. 1 out of the millions achieved success from network marketing! (No! I am not talking about the $500/month a few make) I am talking about the ones who reached million dollar payouts yearly. This isn’t because they pushed harder than you! (Yes, they all want you to believe that so this industry keeps going) I’m here to tell you the countless lies I was told over 7 years time! But I’m here to share it with you!

▪️First: You can not get rich in a network marketing company unless you are wealthy! When you are wealthy you have a successful following which means they will follow you! This puts you ahead of the game. I know some are shaking their heads at this point saying this isn’t true. Okay so tell me one person who came from a small town with no red lights, poor living that made success! You can’t because their neighbors are negative (Not exactly them but their living conditions where they cannot afford to join or support others. Also their mind-set is poor because of the area) So let’s say you do get a small town to join (very few people) they pay the fee to join well guess what they don’t have the money to put into this company to make it what it should be. So if you want to have success in a company you must have a positive living condition surrounded by positive people.

▪️Second: You are told it’s okay to join now there is so many people who are not customers or reps. Nope!! That’s right you must have the “BEST” positioning in a company which means way before ground floor. You know the ones who were picked (maybe 10) to start getting down lines. Even still at this point you need money to put into the company but you have a huge chance at success given the positive environment.

▪️Third: Motivating your team is easy! Well let me stop you right there! 🚫 It is one of the hardest things to do. Out of 100 people you might find your power 5 who push as hard as you do. Most people want the get rich quick which isn’t how any of this works. It’s sad to see so many wanting to change their lives but are knocked down only to never get back up. When you join a company to make money to pay your bills, or stay at home with your kids you have a drive; but failing in a company is mostly not your fault if you gave it all you had. These companies are not made to get “a lot” of people rich only the top select few. (Yes, a few do succeed who are farther down but their location is a positive environment! Where people actually support one another.)

▪️Fourth: Nothing in life is “free”! That’s right we have seen a few companies out there which are “free” to join. DO NOT waste your time on these! Let me put it this way you have to pay for college to get a better paying job. (This one falls back on the first bullet point) You still have to have money to make the most out of an opportunity.

▪️Fifth: The countless hours you are putting in with “NO” pay. Yes, I was one who seen the bigger picture. You don’t need to get paid when you know what kind of pay is coming (the pay most companies say you “can” achieve). All the business material to push this company to get customers or reps under you. (This falls back on the first bullet point again haha!) Of course this and the gas/mileage is all a tax ride off but who has that kind of money to waste?

▪️Sixth: You join a company because you feel you will have a huge amount of help from your uplines!! Sometimes this is true and other times they only help you to get on their team then don’t respond to messages. What you might be forgetting is this is a job interview ask them questions! They should know their company hand and back! Wait it out to see if they are only after you for a number.

▪️Seventh: Not to mention all the hard work you put into a company that can kick you out or close at anytime! There has been many companies that sadly closed their doors. The reps in that company had to find a new company start from the ground up again.

Finally I would like to say if after reading this you still feel an opportunity is for you then please by all means go for it!! Keep all that I have said in the back of your mind. There is one last thing I want to leave you with:

“Rule 1: Never Lose Money! Rule 2: Never forget rule 1!” (Warren Buffett)