Why you need to be strength training!

strength training

Read to find out some benefits of strength training!

We all know that strength training is great at growing your muscles and toning up. But what you didn’t know is it is also good for many other reasons. You will find out a few today!

Let me ask you this if you knew a certain exercise to help you would you do it? Are you interested in something that could help with your heart, balance, bone strength or losing weight? Then continue to read below because what I just listed are only a select few benefits.

Strength training & the benefits!

It helps keep the weight off for good! They have done a study to prove this theory. Based on exercising for 3 days a week you naturally start to burn more calories with normal activities.

Helps protect bones and muscle mass. Ready to learn an interesting fact? Once you hit puberty you start to lose your bone and muscle strength by 1% yearly!

Want to be more fit? Well the good news is you can do that with strength training! Two different ways to strength train:

isometric resistance training~ Isometric resistance training – This is when you are doing a push-up or other training when you are working out with a non-moving object.

isotonic strength training~Isotonic strength training – This happens when you are lifting weights since you have a range of motion. 

Both allow you to get stronger but isometric will only tone your muscle mass. If you are looking to build muscles you need to use isotonic training.

      Better posture – Do you feel that your posture could be better? Great news strength training can help improve it naturally!

It can help with disease prevention – This is one benefit that really depends on which medical condition you have. But strength training is a huge benefit that helps with many disease prevention. By helping your body use insulin better.

Can help improve your mood – When you strength train you release endorphins that allow you to be in a better mood. If you are feeling angry or depressed take to the gym.

Promotes lean body mass –  Strength training helps with creating lean body mass instead of fatty body mass.

 Strengthen connective tissue – Strengthening your connective tissue includes your tendons, fascia, ligaments & cartilage. Strength training allows you to strengthen your joints which in return allows your movement to become more powerful.

You will overall feel and look better – When you start to see all the changes in your body it becomes addictive. You not only start looking better but you feel better about yourself.

Feel and look better through strength training

All muscles need time to recover so please make sure you are giving your muscles adequate amount of time to heal and repair themselves. If you just keep tearing them you will not build muscle! 

Please be sure you are talking with your doctor before trying any exercise routine especially strength training as it can be a lot for someone with a medical condition.