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Starting A Blog Made Easy!!

I have had so many questions about how to start your own blog, how do you make money off of a blog and so on. I decided to make a blog post to walk you through the steps of starting your own blog and how to start earning money.



I want to talk a little about why I choose to write a blog. To me this is how I relax! I also have a few review companies I am involved in. I write reviews for these companies and for small business owners who want their products reached by many. Anyways this is another topic for another day haha.

The first step is to figure out what you want to blog about. You want to make sure you pick a name that will go with what you want to blog about. Don’t worry it happens to all of us we decided to blog about something else here and there. Once you get your game plan down go to and create a blog. (I started this blog to write about my product reviews but once I got started I have blogged about a few other things. I still stick to what I wanted to blog about because face it who doesn’t like to test free items! Plus I get paid by ads on my blog. Don’t worry I will teach you how to do it also!!) Moving on…

The second step is to start writing some blogs. You want each blog to be around 500 words or more! I launched my blog on wordpress with no blogs at all. (I read many blogs that never told me this!) You want to have 20 or more blogs on your site before you try to pay out any kind of money. You can reach this amount of blogs in a month or less. Depends on how much you have to talk about and if you get writers block. Moving on…

The third step once you have 20 or more posts now it is time to think about how you can get money from ads. **You have to pay for a host!** If you decided to go with a free hosting site you won’t be able to post ads on your page for income. I go through a company called Bluehost and it is $3.49 month with a free domain, free site builder, 1-click wordpress install and 24/7 support. You will want to make sure the name isn’t already taken. You will want a .com , .org or a .net url since these are visited more frequently. (If you are anything like me you are thinking yeah right you just want to make money off me clicking this link. Well, guess what I ended up losing money by buying wordpress personal. (DO NOT DO THAT) You still cannot put ads on your site. You have to have a host to get these next few things I am going to talk about!)

The fourth step after you have signed up with Bluehost you will want to download the wordpress which will allow you to write your blog posts. You can also choose new themes here if you want to change from the free ones that you picked from on wordpress.

The fifth step now that your blog is hosted by Bluehost and you can get ads you will need to sign up for a few things (They are FREE). First is Amazon affiliates you will get paid a percentage by Amazon when someone purchases from Amazon within 24 hours of clicking that link ( It doesn’t have to be what you were advertising). This is free to your readers the money comes straight from the company. (Don’t worry if you are new to blogging you can make the link say anything you want so it’s not a huge long url!) The second is Google AdSense this will track everything your readers look at daily! When you sign up for this you will have to put your code into your blog under your header. Then when people visit your blog they will see ads that are tailored to what they are interested in. When your readers click on one of those links you are paid & you will also be paid on how many people see the ad. (If you want to check out a site that will help till you find companies who want to put ads on your blog or still waiting on google to approve you, Then I recommend you check out but with this company you must have your blog live for 4 months.)

The last step is to create a pinterest page and join group boards. In order to pin items here you must email the owner to get the okay to pin posts. There are a few bloggers who earn a huge income from Pinterest and Boardbooster. To treat your blog as your business! If you treat it like your job you will get paid. You cannot slack and think you will still earn money.

Make sure to join my emailing list because I will be sending out a blogging planner to help you stay organized! (IT’S FREE)


I want to say I am so blessed by being able to write a blog and earn money. I have been in the same shoes as you wanting to be able to earn money while in the comfort of my own home. If you are wanting to do this then you can! Do not for one minute think there are so many bloggers already I won’t make money. Everyone thinks differently and companies are looking for that unique way of thinking. What can it hurt for you to start a blog write a few posts that only takes 10 minutes and possibly find what you were meant to do?! I enjoy writing my blogs and I really hope you choose to follow your dream too.

Comment below if you have any questions!

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