RuckPack Must Try Energy Drink Developed By Special Ops Forces!


RuckPack was developed by our Marine Special Operations Forces here in the USA! 

They designed these energy drinks to last for the battlefields. To me that is huge! They trust this product to keep them awake without crashing to keep themselves alive and protect our wonderful country. If it wasn’t for them where would we be!

Supporting our Military…

We all say we love to support our military in any way possible. When I found out about these drinks I just had to try it! We are supporting our military by purchasing these drinks. They are also giving 10% back to charity!

Caffeine or Caffeine-free…

They thought about everyone when they created these drinks. They have a caffeine drink or even a caffeine-free drink. I have always preferred the caffeine-free drinks because after drinking it here comes the crash! Well I can drink either one of these without the crash.

Why you need to be switching to these…RuckPack

We always hear well these are better for you! I get it we hear that everyday because if there was something better we would be taking it. WELL guess what these are better for you than most energy drinks. These energy drinks are made with natural sweeteners, colors and flavors. The caffeine drinks are made from natural caffeine in green tea!

RuckPackWhy I recommend this drink..

I gave you a little history about this product so from that you should see it is healthier than most energy drinks. I use it as my pre-workout drink!! When you need an extra boost some days and I seem to find these help me much better than my pre-work out supplements. Honestly I don’t trust what is put in my supplements so with RuckPack I can find peace with drinking this before working out.

I had 5 bottles to sample and from those 5 bottles I could tell it really helped me even the caffeine-free helped! I didn’t have any crashes the taste seemed to be great with all of them. If you are not use to drinking energy shots or drinks then you might not like the taste at the beginning but you will get use to it.


I highly recommend this product I won’t stand behind a product I won’t use. I can use this product daily and feel good about using it. The fact it came from our military men and women is huge to me. I support my military whenever I can.

If you are wanting to give this drink a try then feel free to get yours here:

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