Practicing Yoga For Me?

Practicing yoga

Should you be practicing yoga?

practicing yoga

With yoga having mind and body benefits yoga is still a huge practice in this time in age. There is a reason yoga has been practiced for many years. I know I was always the one to say yoga can’t help me. I was always really skeptical of yoga. I didn’t think yoga could tone you or really help so many ways. Read below to learn about all the benefits of yoga and why you should be practicing yoga.

Yoga isn’t for me!

practicing yoga

Don’t just listen to everyone who blogs about it. Do you see all these yoga photos? Why don’t you just try a few poses maybe start with five. Do those five yoga poses for a full week. Then make your judgment about yoga to see if you really see any type of benefits. I have to say I could see a pretty big difference in the flexibility I had.

Benefits of yoga?

~Stress reliever – If you suffer from stress then try doing a few yoga poses. With yoga you have to practice your breathing control which will in turn help you calm down.

~One of the best workouts – Can you believe that yoga is one of the healthiest way to lose weight? Yoga uses your body weight to transform your body. You lose weight the healthy way without overdoing it! If you cannot do yoga because of balance then you can always try faster yoga. Which means you don’t have to hold the poses as long as they want you to. Go from one pose to the next pose slowly hold for a few seconds and move on.

~ Body weight training – Did you know yoga is strength training? Yes, because you are using your body weight to hold poses. So not only are you toning your body you are strengthening your muscles. 

~Strengthening your mind – Any type of exercise will help build your mind and strengthen it. Yoga is a main exercise to help boost your brain function and improve reaction time.

~Using yoga as medication – Did you know that doing yoga daily can help with pain? Do you ever feel like your body is tight? I have had back, neck and hip problems for years! I have done daily yoga poses and have seen a huge change in my back, neck and the best part my hip!

~Sleeping problems – Taking sleeping pills or have insomnia? When you start practicing yoga you learn to calm your breathing. Yoga helps you relax your body and in turn will bring you peace when getting ready for bed. 

~ Migraines – Do you get frequent headaches? Whether it be tension, migraine or stress headaches yoga will help with it. Yoga makes you more flexibly so if you practice yoga you won’t be as tense.

Moody much – Well good news take 15 minutes for yourself. Practice yoga and relax for those 15 minutes and you will feel better!

~ Off balanced – Practicing yoga will help with balance throughout your day. Yoga will help you become more flexible. If you can practice yoga in the morning and evening that would be best to do. Don’t worry if you are new to practicing yoga! You can moderate your yoga poses to what you are comfortable with.

Unhappy – Practicing yoga will help you get into a different state of mind. Become in touch with your mind and body! Allow yourself to become at peace. When you master this then you can work on mastering yoga! 

I wish you all the best in practicing yoga. Enjoy yourself share this with friends to learn about the benefits of yoga. Stay tuned for some yoga poses I do morning and evening.

practicing yoga

A few other benefits of yoga

-Reduce your chance of injury 

-Increase concentration

-Improve posture

-Develop body awareness 

-Help blood circulation 

-Helps high blood pressure



-Difficulty breathing


* Be sure to talk to your doctor before trying any exercise programs. So health problems will get in the way of certain exercises! 

practicing yoga