Why flexibility is important?
Did you know that flexible joints require less energy to move! Being flexible reduces your overall risk of being injured. As your body becomes flexible it is allowing your body more movement to help with blood flow an

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Strength Training

What to read up more on Strength Training

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Health & Wellness

Read more about health and wellness here How to choose healthy choices!

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who works the dove

Who works the dove? 

Do you work the dove? I was recently excepted into a review panelist for Dove care antiperspirant. I don’t know about all of you but I’m a super picky deodorant user haha. I am the type when I find something that kinda works I stick with it. I learn how long I can go without […]

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Potty Training Made Easy?!

I always hear how Potty training is hard and a very stressful time for parents and children. Well most parents are already stressed out by the time their child is ready to learn. First take a deep breath it will be okay! All kids learn at different times don’t compare your child’s speed to any […]

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Not your mothers beach hair

Not Your Mother’s

Not Your Mother’s Beach Hair As I was at a store yesterday I saw a product called Not Your Mother’s beach babe texturizing sea salt spray. I could only find it in the 2 fl oz bottle. I picked it up for only $3 plus tax. This is the first time ever using this brand. […]

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All About Covergirl Outlast

Who doesn’t love Covergirl right?! Well honestly I didn’t because the makeup would never stay on my face. Maybe it was because it was in my teen acne years! (You know when you try to cover your face all the time hence you are touching your face haha) Okay or maybe they changed the formula. […]

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