Why flexibility is important?
Did you know that flexible joints require less energy to move! Being flexible reduces your overall risk of being injured. As your body becomes flexible it is allowing your body more movement to help with blood flow an

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Strength Training

What to read up more on Strength Training

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Health & Wellness

Read more about health and wellness here How to choose healthy choices!

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Practicing yoga

Practicing Yoga For Me?

Should you be practicing yoga? With yoga having mind and body benefits yoga is still a huge practice in this time in age. There is a reason yoga has been practiced for many years. I know I was always the one to say yoga can’t help me. I was always really skeptical of yoga. I […]

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body weight determined through energy

Body weight determined through energy?

Did you know that our body weight determined through energy we get from the food we eat? Are you struggling to lose weight? If you are wanting to lose 5 pounds or 70 pounds the principles are still the same! Do you feel like you have tried all the diet plans out there and still getting […]

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Top Ten Fitness Trends Of 2017

10 Top fitness trends of 2017!  As we closed the book on 2016 a few months ago we ran into a lot of new fitness trends. What are the new trends of 2017 already? Just like anything else fitness is striving to have top trends as well! When you get new trends you want to […]

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Apple Cider Vinegar

23 Proven Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Ready to learn a few proven benefits of apple cider vinegar. Do you drink this daily already? Then you are ahead of the game. If you have never tried it before then it is a must try today! Proven Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar… 1. Drinking apple cider vinegar will help your body maintain a […]

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Free Home Workout Week Printable

Free Home Workout Week Printable!

Free Home Workout Week Printable! Congrats on being a reader of my crzy fitness blog! This is where you will get all types of free advice when it comes to fitness. Just for you I am giving you a Free home workout week printable. As a personal trainer this kind of advice normally isn’t free so lucky […]

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Free Daily Workout Guide

Looking for a FREE daily workout guide? Who doesn’t want to get in better shape. Not only for your health but also for your family! It is very important to make sure you are eating healthy plus exercising. Ever just look at photos of someone and just think I wish I could look like that. […]

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Free weekly workout chart printable

Free Weekly Workout Chart Printable

Free weekly workout chart printable! The great news is you get this product for free! This chart will help you keep track of the days and exercises you do. Not only that but you can see your weight increase, how many reps or even sets you are doing weekly. Print a few of these out […]

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