A Necessity For Outdoor Enjoyment

Outdoor necessity backpack

This backpack is a necessity for outdoor enjoyment!

As a family we enjoy our weekend hikes. It is something to do as a family and learn about nature at the same time. Not to mention its healthy to get outdoors and enjoy the sun and beautiful surroundings plus its an exercise haha. If you are anything like me you have to make sure you pack everything just in case the worst happens right?! So you pack your water, a little snack, sunscreen, first aid, fire starter and the list just goes on haha. The problem was I couldn’t find anything that wouldn’t hurt my shoulders after awhile. Then I came across this backpack!

Break time from hiking to enjoy some water!

This time I went hiking with just my child so we didn’t go far and only needed some water with us. The bag was so light even with 2 bottles of water that I forgot my bag was even on! WOW!!

Can you tell there is 2 bottles of water in this??  Amazing right!

This is a material is lightweight and tear resistant! This backpack is also a 2 in 1!! That is right you can turn it into a compact bag! This is great when you don’t need a bigger bag maybe if you are walking around at an amusement park and want to keep things close to you.  It is so easy to change this bag into a compact bag or quickly change it into a backpack! This two for one deal is not one to pass up if you enjoy the outdoors you will be glad to know this bag doesn’t hurt your shoulders and is perfect for anytime. I am so use to using it now that it became a habit to take it outdoors even if we are just outside near the house playing. So much easier than putting everything in your pockets haha.

Just unzip the top to change it into a backpack.

     There will be these two straps inside that you just pull out and connect with the latches when the bag was compact. As shown in the photos.

Once those are latched it becomes the backpack!


Load up your backpack with all your items you need outside and get ready to enjoy the best hike without having to take a break and put your bag down.

This is only with 2 bottles of water on our small hike!

On our second hike as a family we of course packed what else we needed for a longer hike. Still you can tell that this bag is really sturdy and once again I didn’t feel it on my back. Really impressed to be quite honest most bags I am giving to my husband to carry or taking it off quite a few times to take a break.

   This backpack is filled with water bottles, first aid kit, sunscreen, snacks behind the first aid kit and a fire starter. 🙂

Comment below what you like to pack when you go hiking and do you carry a backpack?

I received this backpack complimentary to give my 100% honest review.