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Not Your Mother’s

As I was at a store yesterday I saw a product called Not Your Mother’s beach babe texturizing sea salt spray. I could only find it in the 2 fl oz bottle. I picked it up for only $3 plus tax. This is the first time ever using this brand.

Not Your Mother’s Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

It states it’s suppose to add tousled waves to any hair type. I have that kind of wavy natural hair that doesn’t look good and you have to either tie it up or straighten it for it to be manageable.

Let’s try it out! I woke up today with unmanageable hair. Why not give it the ultimate test right haha! I have medium length hair so it took about 15 sprays to wet it. Love the smell

of it for sure reminds me of the beach ? I didn’t do anything special I just sprayed it in my hair and used my hands to scrunch it. I had to go back and put hairspray to make sure it stayed wavy.  Let’s just say I was super impressed by it. My hair felt amazing it didn’t feel dried out like it does in the ocean.  Maybe it was because my hair is already wavy that it worked so well.

The cons of the product is that it didn’t keep my hair wavy that long that is why I had to go back and hairspray it. I was hoping for that sexy beach wavy look but they did what they could to achieve it.

All in all I really liked the product the smell was amazing and there wasn’t that many cons. I’m excited to try more from this brand.

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