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Must Have Travel Companion 

Jerrybox travel pillow is a must have on your travels! WHY? Read below to find out. So, lets just jump right into this review.

I woke up today with a really bad headache this morning. I took medicine trying to get it to pass, sat in my chair trying to relax to get it to pass. Trying anything I thought that could take away this stress headache. I decided to grab the Jerrybox Travel Pillow and turn it around to where the two knobs rested right at the bottom of my skull. ( I am in no way claiming this cured my headache, it could have been all the things I tried but I have to say the pressure from this made my headache go away.)  I never had a neck pillow that was so comfortable that I didn’t want to even take it off as I was sitting in my recliner at home haha.

There is two different ways you can position this pillow to make it comfortable for you. You can wear it the normal way like pictured below.

Or you can wear it where the knobs are in the back of your neck. (I know doesn’t sound comfy but  I can honestly say this is my favorite way to wear it!) Wearing it this way allows you to get closer to the chair.

You can use just one side to pump this pillow up or both sides. Now this might be different for everyone since you don’t know how hard I was pressing but I did 60 pumps for a really firm support pillow and only 11 pumps for a soft/medium support. Once you are ready to put your pillow back up the two pumps are what will let your air out as well. You open the pumps and press the flap down inside to release the air.

Here is what the 60 pumps (firm) looks like

11 pumps (soft/medium)

How to deflate the pillow:


Let’s finish by saying the Jerrybox Travel Pillow velvet covering is able to be washed! How cool is that! There is a zipper on the back side of the pillow. When you unzip that you will want to pull the plugs off. Then you can remove the tube from inside. (Do Not wash the tube) Once you have washed the velvet covering it’s really easy to put the tube back in. First make sure you are placing it in the right way, when you have the tube back inside you can then place the plugs back on and zip back up. Yep, it is that easy!

Here are some steps to help you after you have washed the velvet covering:

After using the pillow and you decide to deflate it you can roll it up and out it back into the carrying case they give you. Here is a simple trick to help you. Roll up one end put in in the bag then roll the other end and put it into the bag.

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I have to say I highly recommend this pillow if you are looking for a very comfy car ride or would like a nice support at home in your favorite chair.

I did receive this pillow complimentary to give my honest review. All that was stated here is my 100% honest opinion.






11 thoughts on “Must Have Travel Companion 

  1. Thanks for sharing your opinion! I also suffer from headaches & hadn’t thought about using a neck pillow for some relief. Great idea! Will definitely try it!

  2. This is such a good gift idea for my aunt, since she travels so much like 4 times a month. Thanks for sharing

  3. That looks so awesome, and so practical to bring on a plane! If I traveled more I would have to invest in one, it looks so perfect for long plane or car rides!

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