Have You Heard About Mercedes-Benz Rose?

Mercedes-Benz Rose fragrance

Have you heard about the fragrance by Mercedes-Benz (Rose)? It actually launched in 2015 but in my small town I sometimes hear things late haha. When I opened my package this was how the fragrance comes in your box! It is like Christmas all over again. Who doesn’t love to open a gift even if you bought it for yourself 😉


Let’s chat a little about what this fragrance smells like:

  • Top Notes are Lemon, Black Currant
  • Middle Notes are Elemi Shades, Rosewood
  • Base Notes are Amber, Cedar, Rosewood, and White Musk

*Source: https://www.fragrancemarket.us/products/rose-eau-de-toilette-spray-for-women-by-mercedes-benz?variant=29968472257

To me the scent is a light citrus scent that is perfect for any occasion. I put it on in the morning and it lasts all day. The scent last and smells great all day. It is not overwhelming it is the perfect amount of scent needed throughout the day. The kind if you are standing next to someone they can smell you or when the wind blows they can smell you. Instead of the stronger scents when you can smell someone from the next isle over haha.


This scent reminds me of a fragrance meant for Spring time or summer time. I love when you get a new fragrance that helps get rid of the winter blues you just had. Having to go all Winter with that cold weather bundled up so you couldn’t really wear perfume unless it was just on your clothes.

I don’t think fragrance really has the same smell when it is on your clothes compared to when it is on your skin. Just like most fragrances smell different when it is sprayed on one person compared to the next person. I did spray this Mercedes-Benz Rose fragrance on a few of my friends to see if it had a different scent on them compared to me. They all had a slight different smell but it was still the same as its suppose to be in the description. They all really enjoyed the scent just like I did. You could catch a smell of it when the wind was blowing and you just stop and take it in for a minute to really enjoy the smell.


I can honestly say I have found a new fragrance for Spring/Summer months! I was lucky enough to get this complimentary to give my honest opinion about this fragrance.

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Comment below have you ever tried this fragrance before? If so what did you think about the scent? Also if you haven’t had a chance to try this scent did you put it on your wish list to try soon? Don’t forget to share this review with friends so they can learn about this fragrance.

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