Makeup Just Got Better With This Lighted Mirror!

Makeup just got better

Makeup just got better with this lighted mirror.

If you are anything like me you love makeup! I still go a few days without makeup just to give my face a break haha. SO I was the type just put it on and go out the door later to look in the car mirror to see that my beauty blender had missed a spot and I didn’t take extra makeup with me to cover it up. Then I am stuck trying to blend that spot with my hand which we all know doesn’t work and now I just took makeup off the other spots of my face haha.

I received the Jerrybox LED lighted makeup mirror the other day. I didn’t think a makeup mirror would make makeup so much better! The mirror is 7x magnification which made it so much easier to put makeup on and not miss a spot. The thing that really got me was how well I could see my eyebrows and see how many strays I missed!! WOW! I was highly impressed but honestly embarrassed that I  had missed that many. I couldn’t see those small strays in a regular mirror.

This photo is the 7x Jerrybox Mirror!


Not to mention a bonus compact mirror comes with this also! The compact mirror is 1x magnification on one side and the other side is 5x magnification. I am so happy to actually put that compact in my purse. I normally won’t carry a mirror in my purse because my cellphone camera is so much better then most mirrors. This compact tops them all check out these photos!

This photo is the compact mirror 5x on bottom!

The bottom of the Jerrybox lighted makeup mirror attaches to any clean, smooth and flat surface. It has natural warm light and a 360 degree rotation. Cordless feature which will allow you to position this mirror just about anywhere plus save on electric! Easy to remove from any surface you place it on which makes it easy for travel.

       To install the mirror you ensure the suction cup is unlocked by turning it counter clockwise. Then place the suction cup on a clean, smooth and flat surface. Press down firmly! The last step is to turn the suction clockwise to lock the mirror into place. THAT EASY!

    Press the button on the back as shown in the first photo to turn on the Jerrybox LED light.

I can actually say my makeup has never looked so good with this mirror. Oh and don’t forget how well my brows look now that I am sure I don’t have any stray hairs haha 🙂

Comment below what you use to put your makeup on with? Have you ever tried using a magnified mirror?

I received this mirror complimentary to review and give my 100% honest opinion.