Hollar also has blind bags the HOT toys right now for kids!

Hollar about blind bags

Hollar has blind bags!!

My child was watching a YouTube video about mystery toys in bags. In my area I hadn’t seen them before maybe because I didn’t know they made things like this. Haha

I have to admit the mystery behind them are super addicting. Each bag is labeled with an age range. There is also a code on each bag to know what character is in them. A mystery for a child is also a mystery for the parent because it’s hard to find what each code means online.

Basically I didn’t know about the codes when we first started buying them, so we have multiple of the same characters. I now grab two bags to compare the codes and don’t get any of the same ones haha.

Here is an example of a code on FoxTrot Halo series:

**Notice the A11106ES that is the code. The number directly after A is what you have to pay attention to!

Here is another example of a code on the Imaginex Series:

**Notice the almost invisible number in the left hand corner?! That is the code for the bags.

These toys are really fun for all kids! Blind bags are great for Birthday favors, Valentine’s, Easter Baskets, Stocking stuffers you name it the kids love it. This is one toy you can’t go wrong with.

Be careful where you buy blind bags example on EBay and sometimes on Amazon you will see the prices ranged high.

Here is a really great site to purchase blind bags:


Click the above link join and get a $2 credit! You can search blind bags on the website or the app.

*Did I forget to mention they have great deals for everyone! Yes, you too parents they have $1 wow deals I just got a coffee maker for only $9.95 also!!

Comment below if you have any of these blind bags! Let’s see some photos.