How to choose healthy choices!

Healthy choices
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Are you choosing healthy choices over others? 

healthy choices

We all know it can be difficult to choose the correct healthy foods. You go to the grocery store to find healthy choices but are you really finding healthy food! You will learn about some healthy choices below.

The obvious choice would be…

To get yourself set up with a nutritionist who tells you how to eat correctly. They sit down with you learn about your health conditions and find the best meal plan for you. You learn what bad carb and good carb count is and what you need to be doing when you are purchasing food.

But I don’t want to go to a nutritionist…

That is fine most people already have busy lives! That being the best choice since they would know your health record. But if you don’t have the time just watch your portion control size. These containers will help you portion your food out correctly.

healthy choicesDon’t want to have to change what you eat…

If you are like most of us then you don’t want to quit eating that yummy food right?! Well chances are once you get on a healthy diet you soon see how bad that food is for you. What can you do if you still want to eat processed food? Drink more water in a day to help fill you up and watch your portion control sizes.

Keep it simple when starting out… Healthy choices

The best thing you can do is keep it simple don’t shock yourself or your body by choosing to go too fast with a change. When you get on the kick that you want to start eating better and then decide to get rid of everything you are doing it wrong. You need to cut back slowly. For instance if you drink pop drop the pop for something else that day like water. If you love candy then only have one piece that day and then one piece in the whole week. Never starve your body of what you think it is craving because you will just go grab that later anyways.

healthy choicesLearn to cook and use spices to flavor…

Yes, this is a huge step because most don’t understand you can make any food taste amazing. I love my spices and put them on everything. I was a food lover I basically lived to eat all the yummy new food I saw come out on shelves. Well when I finally got tired of how my body was looking I quit a lot of foods. We eat out less often and I do meal prepping. When you meal prep it is already done for the week. You have a meal prep for lunch and dinner already cooked chances are you will just grab those instead of eating out.

Check out these meal prep containers they are BPA free!!

Be sure to stay tuned on what simple carbohydrates are compared to complex carbohydrates! That will be my next blog post which will help you choose healthy food.

Remember to speak to your doctor before changing your food routine and exercising. Your doctor knows best since they know your health conditions.