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Do you exercise?

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As a personal trainer I understand how important it is to lift and exercise 4 times a week minimum. Let me just state a few reasons why you should be exercising. I want to talk about a weightlifting gloves that is perfect for everyone but first I want to touch on a few things as to why you should be working out!

Boosting your happiness!

People who exercise whether it is mild, moderate or vigorous showed a tendency to be happier after their workout. Exercising releases endorphins that actually boost your happiness levels.

Reduce your risk of heart disease naturally!

The have even done studies about it reducing your risk of heart disease naturally! The study that was done actually showed no difference between people who took medicine and people who exercised. ( I am not claiming you should stop your medicine and exercise but you should speak to your doctor about it and let them recommend the right workout regimen.)

Do you have insomnia?

Exercising can help you with falling asleep. What exercising does is strengthen your circadian rhythms so not only can it help you fall asleep and stay asleep but your mornings will be started off just right!

That was just to name a few as to why you should be working out! Trust me your body/health needs it. Now I am going to talk about a certain weightlifting gloves that you really need to check out. No need to ruin your hands when you are lifting whether it be light weight or heavy!

Anti-Slip Grips

These gloves are anti slip with non slip dot grips which allows for a better/controlled workout. No matter if you are lifting light weight or heavy you are able to hold the weights the proper way without them slipping.

Extra palm padding

I have tried many gloves and haven’t found a glove that is the right amount of padding for your palm. These have a thickened padding on the palm which allows you to have a better performance when exercising. There is no reason to have a glove that a weight still hurts your hands!

Wrist wraps built in

This is the best part to me! I have weak wrist which takes time to build up. So normally I would buy a pair of weightlifting gloves and then have to purchase wrist wraps!! If you are just beginning to lift then go ahead and make sure you start off right. Purchase a pair of gloves that has a thickened padding with wrist wraps! This will not only protect you when lifting but also help you save some money!

These weightlifting gloves  also come with a storage bag! I highly recommend these gloves since you are very protected when exercising plus you don’t have to purchase wrist wraps separately.

I received these gloves at a heavy discount for reviewing purposes. Everything stated above is 100% my own opinion.

I hope you have enjoyed this review be sure to comment below what you think about these gloves and if you already have them lets here your opinions too! 🙂




10 thoughts on “Do you exercise?

  1. I’ve never lifted before. I’m more of a Pilates and running type gal. But If I had the proper gloves and a PT to show me then I might do it! It sounds very healthy!

  2. exercise is great, not only for the reasons you’ve outlined but i think it helps keep many people feeling mentally healthy as well. great share and cheers to your next sweat seah (:

  3. I’m in need of some new gloves and these look great. I’ve really been into working out this past year and its made such a huge difference in my life.

  4. I do try to work out 2-3 times a week–I usually go on the elliptical trainer or take a bike ride outside if the weather is nice enough. Admittedly, I was not exercising for years but I have started up again and have lost a bunch of weight with that coupled with eating better! So many awesome benefits to exercising!

    1. That is fantastic!! I love to hear that 🙂 Yes, you have to eat right while working out to get the most benefit. Keep up the great work!

  5. I loveee a good workout at the end of the night! It’s such a great way to just destress & have some time for yourself. It really kicks your ass but it’s also so therapeutic.

    xx, Kayla //

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