Free Weekly Workout Chart Printable

Free weekly workout chart printable

Free weekly workout chart printable!

The great news is you get this product for free! This chart will help you keep track of the days and exercises you do. Not only that but you can see your weight increase, how many reps or even sets you are doing weekly.

Print a few of these out and keep a binder with these in it and keep track of you progress for the year. Ever wonder what you need to be keeping track of? This chart below will let you know what you need to write down daily when you workout.

When I was first starting out with fitness I was completely lost. I don’t want you to be the same way as I was. The key thing is to start out small and slowly work for your goal. Setting a goal where you want to lift around 250 pounds in a week isn’t going to happen. Re-think your goal by saying okay I know I can lift 150 pounds so next week I want my ending weight at 175 pounds.

The main thing everyone always misses out on is eating clean! No matter how much hard work you put in if you are not eating right then you won’t lose the weight or tone up correctly. If you are wanting to build muscle make sure you are eating plenty protein.

These are just a few tips I have and the last tip before giving you the Free weekly workout chart printable. You should workout minimum 3 days a week but I recommend 4 days. (Please speak to your doctor before starting a workout program)  Be sure to keep track of each exercise you do never repeat an exercise during the week. You want to work all your muscles!

Free weekly workout chart printable Scroll down to get the free printable! 

For the exercise slot you should have at least 3 exercises all benefiting one muscle group. (Ex. biceps) For the weight slot you need to right down the weight you were comfortable at when lifting through your reps and sets. If you dropped weight write that down. Now for the reps/sets slot write down how many reps and sets you are doing for each exercise. (They might not be the same!) (Ex. Curls reps:15 and sets:6)

I normally do 6 sets of each exercise with little to no breaks in the middle. All this information is a bonus to the free chart. Be sure to subscribe to my emails for more tips! Enjoy the Free weekly workout chart printable. Be sure to share with others too!

**Please speak to your doctor before lifting or any type of exercising! I am a personal trainer but I don’t know your health records. 

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