Free Printable Food Checklist

Free printable food checklist…

Not sure what food you should be getting at the store. Do you think it is impossible to eat clean because you have no clue where to start. Well, that is why I am giving you a free printable food checklist to take with you. Share with your friends who are needing help or just to keep on your computer. Either way this is a really great guide to help you get started eating correctly.

Eating clean…

Eating clean is 90% why you lose your weight the other 10% is your exercises. If you eat whatever you want and exercise you might maintain your weight. Only if you are eating under what you burn while working out. I know in today’s world it is very hard to eat the correct way but if you want to be healthy you have to say “NO” to certain foods.

That is why I am giving you this free printable food checklist. If you have these foods in your house throw them out. Don’t sit there and say well when they are gone I just won’t get them again. Because chances are you will go to the store and purchase them again. You have to be willing to let go of your food cravings to succeed in your weight loss. Don’t worry if you mess up it happens.

It takes 20 days to form a habit and 90 days to make it a living! 

Remember that and you will be able to achieve your goals. So if you are ready to eat clean get rid of all the junk food, processed food and everything not good for you NOW. While you are ready to take on the challenge. Then for 20 days don’t have a cheat day not even one meal. You will ruin what you have started. After you accomplish that 20 days try to go to 90 days before having a cheat meal. If you can’t that is okay have a cheat meal after the 20 days and you will see how it affects your body. You won’t feel well after eating it I promise.

Okay enough chit chat…

Let’s talk about what you need at each meal. Well, breakfast, lunch and dinner! Each meal should contain carbs and meat. Here is a chart so you can make sure your grocery list is great for each meal. Meal prepping will help a lot with this as well. Read this blog post to learn how to choose healthy food:

Click here to get your free printable: PLAN EACH MEAL HDTHREVIEWS

Free printable food checklist

This will give you a great idea of what you should be eating for your meals. If you can try to stay away from bread but if you just can’t look for low carb bread and tortilla shells.

Please be sure to speak to your doctor about your exercise and diet plan.