Free Daily Workout Guide

Looking for a FREE daily workout guide?

Who doesn’t want to get in better shape. Not only for your health but also for your family! It is very important to make sure you are eating healthy plus exercising. Ever just look at photos of someone and just think I wish I could look like that. WELL, You can!! No, it will not be overnight but it will happen within a few months to a few years.

Being a personal trainer I see so many different goals. First I want you to take out a planner and write down you goal. What you want to be able to lift? How much do you want weigh? What size measurements you want to be? Then below your goals I want you to write your measurements you are at right now. The weight you are lifting right now. How much you weight right now. Of course if your goals are different then I just stated. Just follow these and write your own goals down.

We all enjoy a free daily workout guide! Maybe you are not aware of how easy it really is to exercise four times a week. Following this workout guide you will workout for a few minutes but they will be effective minutes!!

 Want to print it out? Click this link: Free Daily Workout Guide

Feel free to print out the Free daily workout guide and store it in your binder with your Free weekly workout chart! Follow this link to access it: Free Weekly Workout Chart Printable

To explain the workout above: You will do the first red arrow (all inside), then move on till you are finished with each red arrow. There will be no breaks in between these sets. You will do this daily workout twice a day! 

*Please be sure to speak with a doctor before doing any exercises.