Why flexibility is important?

Did you know that flexible joints require less energy to move! Being flexible reduces your overall risk of being injured. As your body becomes flexible it is allowing your body more movement to help with blood flow and decreasing resistance on your muscles.


Stretching before exercise?

No! I don’t recommend stretching before this will cause you to injure yourself. If you want to warm up before exercising that is okay and you should do an easy walk.

Best forms of getting flexible!

I would recommend yoga daily if you are trying to become more flexible. Most people don’t like yoga since they are new to it and they might thing they are doing it wrong. Or maybe the poses are possibly just uncomfortable. Do you lose your balance when doing yoga so you just give up? Then I would recommend doing piyo it is more of a faster yoga. If you don’t want to purchase piyo dvds then stay tuned for some piyo on this blog.

Why do we need to be flexible?

Being flexible isn’t just an option for most. Do you have back issues? Did you know that some forms of practicing flexibility helps relieve back pain. We will talk later about ways to help you ease your back pain and neck pain. I myself suffered with back and neck pain for many years! Until I learn some tips and tricks to do to help relieve the pain. This is something I do daily to help relieve the pain and keep it away.

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