4 most popular fitness exercises that will take 2017 by storm


Ready to learn about the 4 most popular fitness exercises that will be booming in 2017?

We have all seen all they new types of exercise programs available. From 30 day fitness challenges to the 7 minute exercise. But which one of these exercises could be the perfect fit for you. When they come out with new exercises monthly it seems. They come out with something new everyone wants to try the fad. Then you see something else new and suddenly switch to do that workout plan. So we all know it is really hard to find and stick to that perfect workout plan.

fitness appsFitness apps…

You might already have a few apps on your phone that seem to help a lot with fitness. The best news yet is they are making them easier to use daily. The apps will soon allow you to take photos of your food and share to keep you accountable for what you are eating. Will you post everything you eat? I would say some will post and then take a few cheat meals but still this is a lot better than not having that support. I have already seen an app that allows you to post photos about your fitness goals, the food you eat and even just having an offer day type of post. I enjoyed the app and still have it.

Pocket Sized Trainers… personal trainers

You ready for this! Virtual trainers are becoming a huge thing in 2017! These in app couches have the ability to train you through your phone. When the couch sends over your workout regimen you are able to train at your own pace. Will this be a huge beneficial app I am really torn about this one. Being a personal trainer you need to be able to push the person. This app is allowing them to say hey my body is saying I can’t do this. But in reality it is their mind saying stop when their body can go more. Will they reach their goal sure if they stick to it. It might take longer but I can see them reaching their goals. Woohoo good for you 2017!

Boredom ExerciseBoredom is the new exercise…

That is right you read it correctly! Like I mentioned up above there is always a new workout routine coming into play. We all get bored of that workout we have been doing. Honestly I don’t even recommend you doing the same exercise within 2 weeks of each other! All these new workout regimens are coming into play since people are getting bored of the normal workout routine. I love me some push-ups but would you rather do push-ups in the gym or outdoors on a steep hill? Nature is a cure for all so being outdoors and working out is better in my opinion.

Finding how to connect with your body and mind…Meditation

Relaxing your body and mind will become a huge benefit in 2017. A lot of people already love yoga but this is a different type of getting in touch with your body. Mediation is growing nearly 50% already from just last year. Learning techniques to relax your body and mind is a huge benefit in this day. It will only keep growing due to the new apps. There is a ton of new techniques taught by these apps. If you don’t already have an app of mediation chances are you will by the end of 2017.

I hope you enjoyed this read.

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Please be sure to speak to your doctor about any health concerns you have before starting an exercise program or changing your diet.