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Fitness tips for lifting plus bonus!

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                                     Why you should or shouldn’t wear a weightlifting belt!

Most people don’t really understand the importance of wearing a belt while lifting. Also they don’t really understand how to properly breathe while performing the exercise. So let me talk I little about why your breathing is important if you are lifting heavy you need a big push to help you lift your limit right?! Okay so you want to hold your breath during lifting (I know what you are thinking no way will I listen to this you have to inhale and exhale). If you exhale in the process of lifting heavy you will notice a HUGE difference and probably struggle lifting. SO when wearing a belt most companies tend to make them wrong you don’t want to go out and buy a belt that is bigger in the back and smaller in the front. You need an even belt all the way around.

When lifting heavy your abdominal muscles push against the spine to help give it support to be able to lift heavy objects. Wearing a belt  allows your abdominal muscles to be able to push against a wall  giving you amble amount of support. You don’t need to wear your belt during all your workouts only when you are close to your maximum weight! Please make sure the belt is in the correct position it doesn’t have to be too tight if it is you will work against yourself, if you make it too loose then its obviously not going to work. You need to hold your breathe position the belt to support your abdominal and tighten the belt.


Should you use a squat pad?

You should only be using a squat pad if you are squatting heavy or you just don’t like the bar on your shoulders. Many say you don’t need to use anything that you will eventually get use to the bar on your shoulders. I think this is where we are all different I for one can’t stand the weight on my shoulders for as many reps and sets I do. I have also had some serious neck issues and the bar resting there just doesn’t work good for me. If I decide to use a single barbell I normally won’t attach a squat pad to it since I prefer the grip on my shoulders. Like I mentioned before this one is mainly preference. I for one will be using this squat pad quite often because the weight of the barbell is uncomfortable for me.

Are body fat scales really accurate & worth the money?

The most accurate way of weighing yourself is underwater! I for one don’t know of a place in my area that offers that so this is the second best. The convenience of having a scale in your home is so much better than going to a doctor’s office to let them tell you your BMI! So to me having one of these scales is a must in your home.

   **The first reading is always wrong!**


You only want to use these to keep track of your numbers don’t use charts to compare what your at and don’t compare to others who are using the scale. You are able to set up your scale profiles for multiple people. Make sure you are not changing what you do before weighing yourself. For instance you don’t want to drink 2 glasses of water one day and only one glass of water the next. Make sure you are measuring at the same time everyday this too will change your results. Make sure you don’t step on the scale after exercising because the reading will not be right. Your body temperature will effect the scale make sure you are in the same room temperature daily. If you ever do get a chance to have your body fat measured by a professional do it and compare it to your scale so you know how accurate your scale is.

I received all pictured complimentary for reviewing purposes all opinions are my own.

Comment below if you use any of these products listed above? If not will you be looking into these for your next exercise. :)

2 thoughts on “Fitness tips for lifting plus bonus!

    1. You will only want to use a belt if you are ready to reach your maximum weight limit for you. As for the bar yes girl get you a squat pad soon it will make you be able to finish all your reps with perfection. (Most don’t notice they lose out on their form when they are in discomfort.) When lifting you want to take a deep breath do your reps (10 or 15 reps if it heavy or 15-20 reps if it is light weight). If you breath while lifting you won’t be able to lift as much as you could of 😉 Take your time building on the weight you never want to get hurt when lifting. You’re so welcome for the tips dear. I will be posting a lot more about fitness later on in my blog. 🙂 Thanks for reading I really appreciate it! XO

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