Evian mineral water facial spray is not just for your face!

Evian natural mineral water facial spray isn’t just for your face!

Evian facial spray does wonders for your skin. It moisturizes your skin to keep it looking young and feeling soft. With a neutral 7.2 pH it is perfect for any skin type. When you spray it on it can help remove chlorine, sweat or even ocean salt!

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Since you know what you normally use it for let me tell you some tricks you didn’t know. The facial spray has a natural 7.2 pH and is chemical free! Making this safe for using on your child. The spray it propelled by nitrogen which makes it safe for babies and the environment.

Let’s chat about some of the tips for using this mineral water for our kids! What mom doesn’t love new ways to easily clean our kids hands or face. You can use this mineral water for diaper rashes. When your kids get dirty hands you can spray this and wipe them clean. You can even use mineral water to fix your kids hair from tangles.

   He loves it haha! No sticky mess WOOHOO!

Evian makes different sizes for these which is fantastic. Available in 1.7 oz. travel size (TSA approved), 5 oz. great for beach bags, picnic bags and totes, 10 oz is the perfect size to keep in your house.  In addition to carrying one in our picnic bag, I also carry one in my purse. With my child being a young toddler we could use all the help we can get when it comes to dirt. We were recently eating at a restaurant my child ordering the French toast. Knowing we had to run to the store afterwards I was leary of him getting this and ruining his outfit. Needless to say he made a huge mess with the syrup and it was sticky everywhere.

I got the bottle from my purse and sprayed it on my child hands taking the stickiness right off. I sprayed it on a napkin and rubbed his face to get it all clean from the syrup. The one I didn’t think it would help was his shirt. I sprayed the shirt and it took the sickness away as well. Very impressive to say the least.

 Sticky Fingers!     

When we pulled into the store my child jumped out in a hurry. He dropped his toy which landed near the tire and when he reached for the toy he got black stuff all over his hands. I then thought okay to the bathroom we go don’t touch anything haha. I immediately remembered the mineral water and grabbed it to spray his hands. To my surprise it took it all off with ease.

   Clean hands with one spray on each hand! Then wiping with a napkin.

In conclusion I can honestly say I will be purchasing some for a baby shower coming up. In addition to many things this too should be a must have in your diaper bag. I received this complimentary for reviewing purposes and all opinions are my own. All my readers get a special opportunity to win some of your own!

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