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Earn Money Coloring

Want to learn how to make money from coloring? I have heard so often there is no way you can earn money from coloring. Well a few days ago I would of said the same thing. Let’s dive into this review of this company!

Color Monthly is a new company to mlm but has been around since fall 2015. It costs $10 a month but you get 30 pages to color (BEST part is you can print as much as you want). The 30 pages will come to you by email and you can print them off.

Check out this coloring page it was one of the 30 for Feb. 2017!

I hear this question a lot where is Color Monthly available we are all over since our company is just digital. Isn’t that fantastic news?!

Let’s touch on the commission plan you will all be excited to hear we have no rankings!!! That is right if you want to earn good commission you must work for it, instead of being in the beginning of the company!! Here is the commission plan structure:

7 Level Commission Payout

1st – $2 commission – 20% of the total sale

2nd – $0.25 commission – 2.5% of the total sale

3rd – $0.25 commission – 2.5% of the total sale

4th – $1 commission – 10% of the total sale

5th – $0.25 commission – 2.5% of the total sale

6th – $0.25 commission – 2.5% of the total sale

7th – $1 commission – 10% of the total sale

You will also earn 20% on personal sales and 5% bonus commission on level 1 sales to active members.

** Color Monthly doesn’t care if you work with other businesses but you should check with your other companies first!

An active member means purchasing the $10 monthly membership. (You can cancel at anytime you only pay $10 each month you don’t pay in advanced)

** There has been many who asked if they could sell their coloring pages? You must check with compliance department first (but often the answer is yes)!

WOW Look what the owner sent out to me! How wonderful is it when your company acknowledges you 🙂


Our Current Distributor Contest

Open NOW thru March 31, 2017
This contest runs from February 16, 2017 – March 31, 2017 and is open to all Active Distributors.

 ALL Club Color Monthly Distributors who personally enroll (that is, Level 1) 5 new Distributors will receive a copy of The Secret on DVD.

In addition, our Top 3 Distributors will receive a very special prize.

The Distributor who personally enrolls (Level 1) the most new distributors will receive a 100% sales bonus IN ADDITION to their regular commissions.

For example, let’s say that the Top Distributor personally enrolls 25 new distributors. They would receive their normal commission PLUS a one-time bonus of $250!

The Distributor who personally enrolls the second-mos

t new distributors will receive a 50% sales bonus (example, enroll 20 new distributors and receive a one-time bonus of $100) and the Distributor who personally enrolls the third-most new distributors will receive a 25% sales bonus.

ANYONE CAN WIN! Just go out there and let people know about the fantastic Color Monthly opportunity!

Comment below for more information! This is a viral business who doesn’t love to color! 🙂





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