Disney Cars Color Changing Toys!

Disney cars color changing toys

Disney cars coloring changing toys!

We first saw these toys on a YouTube video. After watching it my son just had to have some. We decided to head to the store that was closing near us to hopefully find some at a discount. We found a few of them for $9.99 each with a 40% discount. We grab six different ones and hurried home to play!! Before I go into explaining about these toys I did find a cheap one online Disney/Pixar Cars, Color Changer, Lightning McQueen [Red to Yellow] Vehicle .

Also found Frank the color changer which is actually really neat he eats the car and it goes into a bucket of water for the car to change color. I have an imagination of a child so this is actually a really fun toy. Frank eats you then you come out with a different color haha. Frank also came with Lightning McQueen but he is red and changes to a black color.

Here is a photo to help explain what Frank looks like:

Disney/Pixar Cars Chase and Change Frank

Now lets get into this review. Frank was really messy so make sure to have a towel near the toy and don’t play with him on carpet haha. The water wouldn’t stay cold enough when we were playing. I found a trick which is to add a few ice cubes to the tube or to the bowl. We eventually collected so many of the color changers we just used two bowls one warm and one with ice cubes as shown below. This is because my child LOVES to watch them change colors. (BONUS: These are fantastic toys for the bath too!!)

Disney Color Changers Mater Vehicle

This is warm water he changes to a light green.

I took a fast shot of him changing in ice cold water to brown!

He is done! How fun is that?!

We have a full collection of these cars now since they can be played with in the bath tub, pool, outside and inside even! These toys get a HUGE A++ from me!! Have had these toys for over a month and I wanted to wait to give my honest review of them. They are still changing colors like they did day one I just can’t find a con about these toys yet. These color changers are a must if your child loves cars!!

*UPDATE: If the kids are rough with them (Ex. crashing them into each other) then the color looks like it chips and it won’t change color in that spot anymore. 

Let’s finish this review by showing you all the cars we collected since the first six haha. Enjoy!

Warm water color changing:

Cold water color changing (this wasn’t with ice cubes just held under the faucet):

Post your comments below with photos of the color changers you have 🙂