Mercedes-Benz Rose fragrance

Have You Heard About Mercedes-Benz Rose?

Have you heard about the fragrance by Mercedes-Benz (Rose)? It actually launched in 2015 but in my small town I sometimes hear things late haha. When I opened my package this was how the fragrance comes in your box! It is like Christmas all over again. Who doesn’t love to open a gift even if you […]

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How often do you clean your makeup brushes

When should you replace makeup brushes?

When should you replace your makeup brushes? For years I never used makeup brushes to apply my makeup just the eye applicators that came with the eyeshadow. I wasn’t taught to put on makeup just the bare essentials. I became a model and learned how I needed to do my makeup. I won’t lie I […]

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Sound card

Are you a gamer? Or love music?

This sound card is for you if you love music or a gamer! Are you a true gamer? You know the kind that always wears the headset while playing! Well I am the same I love my games but the background noise can get really annoying and you have to take the headset off to […]

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Outdoor necessity backpack

A Necessity For Outdoor Enjoyment

This backpack is a necessity for outdoor enjoyment! As a family we enjoy our weekend hikes. It is something to do as a family and learn about nature at the same time. Not to mention its healthy to get outdoors and enjoy the sun and beautiful surroundings plus its an exercise haha. If you are anything […]

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