kettlebell fitness

Total body fitness with kettlebells

Total body fitness with kettlebells… Looking for an exercise that you can do indoor at your house or gym. This will help target your whole body just using kettlebells! Kettlebells have made the top list since 2015 and they are not letting up anytime soon. They allow for such a great workout with minimal lifting. […]

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Free Printable Food Checklist

Free printable food checklist… Not sure what food you should be getting at the store. Do you think it is impossible to eat clean because you have no clue where to start. Well, that is why I am giving you a free printable food checklist to take with you. Share with your friends who are […]

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counting carbs

How do I know which carb to eat?

Are you new to carb counting and you want to know the difference between simple and complex carbs?  Did you know there was a difference between carbs? There is simple carbs and complex carbs each do different things for your body. To many simple carbs are not good for you. I will explain about these […]

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Healthy choices

How to choose healthy choices!

This post may contain affiliate links! Please read my policy to understand affiliate links. Are you choosing healthy choices over others?  We all know it can be difficult to choose the correct healthy foods. You go to the grocery store to find healthy choices but are you really finding healthy food! You will learn about […]

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strength training

Why you need to be strength training!

Read to find out some benefits of strength training! We all know that strength training is great at growing your muscles and toning up. But what you didn’t know is it is also good for many other reasons. You will find out a few today! Let me ask you this if you knew a certain […]

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Practicing yoga

Practicing Yoga For Me?

Should you be practicing yoga? With yoga having mind and body benefits yoga is still a huge practice in this time in age. There is a reason yoga has been practiced for many years. I know I was always the one to say yoga can’t help me. I was always really skeptical of yoga. I […]

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body weight determined through energy

Body weight determined through energy?

Did you know that our body weight determined through energy we get from the food we eat? Are you struggling to lose weight? If you are wanting to lose 5 pounds or 70 pounds the principles are still the same! Do you feel like you have tried all the diet plans out there and still getting […]

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