How do I know which carb to eat?

counting carbs

Are you new to carb counting and you want to know the difference between simple and complex carbs? 

Did you know there was a difference between carbs? There is simple carbs and complex carbs each do different things for your body. To many simple carbs are not good for you. I will explain about these two different carbs later on in this post.

 counting carbs

Simple carbs…

Simple carbs means how quickly your body can break it down. If a product tastes good then chances are you are eating a simple carb. Simple carbs are found in your fruit, milk, and vegetables. The reason you don’t want to eat too much is because your body digests it so quick which raises blood glucose levels in diabetics.


Adults should consume less than 70 grams (for men) and 50 grams (for women) a day of sugar. If you are a diabetic then most of the time you are asked to follow lower levels. *Always talk to your doctor and they will get you a nutritionist best for your condition. When people are trying to lose weight they tend to stay away from these empty calories. They don’t do much except give you a little energy. *If you have a health condition that you need sugar then never worry about taking it to treat your symptoms.

counting carbs

Complex Carbs…

When counting carbs complex carbs mean they take longer for your body to break them down. Complex carbs are referring to any starches, which can be found in

  • White bread
  • Pastries
  • Cakes
  •                                                                     and many other

However when you are taking to a nutritionist they are not talking about these refined carbs. They are wanting you to have whole grain food or starchy vegetables 

  • Beetroot
  • Parsnips
  • Peas
  • Potatoes
  • SweetCorn
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Cassava

How much should you be consuming? It is said that starchy food make up a quarter of your plate. (But if you are having paste or other starchy food you should not have a starchy vegetable.) You should only eat starchy carbs in moderation because it can raise blood glucose still even though it will do it more slowly.

Moving on to the whole wheat grain starches. These can be found in your wheat grain and kernels. What this means is when choosing which bread to pick you need to stay away from white bread and only eat whole grain versions. Same with rice don’t choose white rice instead choose a whole grain rice.

Counting carbs

Remember to always speak to your doctor before changing your diet or exercise routine. Only they know your health conditions.

Comment below if you watch how many simple and complex carbs you eat in a day!