Have you heard about a car seat footrest?

Car Seat Footrest

Do you think your child needs a car seat footrest? 

Car Seat FootrestDoes your child flop their feet to the side of their car seat? Or maybe they kick the back of your seat? Well then I have great news if you said yes to these! I have found the best car seat footrest for our babies.

My child is the type to kick the back of my seat or turn his body side ways in the car jus to get comfy. I can admit that I did the same as a kid and still do it now with my recliner chair haha. We all like having that extra support on our legs so that they are not just hanging there. It is uncomfortable and no one likes it so why think our kids would be comfortable.

Did you know that they don’t recommend your child to ride in a long car ride with their legs dangling? Something we should of known but never really thought of.  This can cause them to have issue later on in life with their knees. It isn’t safe for our children to ride with their feet side ways. Or if they put their leg on top of the side of the car seat. Imagine if you was in a car wreck the seat belt won’t work the way it is intended to.

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For my child I choose to have added protection! Why not spend a little extra money on your child’s safety. The great news is this can be adjusted from the moment their car seat is turned around to face the front up till they are old enough to reach the floor board comfortably. Think of this as an investment of your child’s health and not just as a expense.

Unboxing and putting together

Let’s talk about how easy this is to put on and in your car! It comes with a height control bar, installing plate, foot plate (that also has angle adjustment buttons so it grows with your child), and a support leg. Watch this video to see the unboxing and placing in the car.

YOUTUBE VIDEO – Knee Guard Kids Car Seat Footrest


Thinking this is exactly what your child needs in your vehicles? You can order yours here plus learn more about why this is needed and recommend!


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