23 Proven Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Ready to learn a few proven benefits of apple cider vinegar. Do you drink this daily already? Then you are ahead of the game. If you have never tried it before then it is a must try today!

Proven Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar…

1. Drinking apple cider vinegar will help your body maintain a healthy ph level (helps with acne).

2. It helps regulate blood sugar levels/ help fight diabetes.

3. Can help lower your blood pressure.

4. Improves heart health.

5. Helps detox liver and other organs.

6. Eliminates candid overgrowth.

7. Helps your digestive health.

8. Helps aid weight loss (making you feel full).

9. Can help prevent osteoporosis.

10. Slows down aging.

11. Can kill many types of bacteria.

12. Lowers cholesterol & reduces your risk of heart disease.

13. May help prevent cancer

14. Helps whiten your teeth.

15.  Can cure hiccups.

16. Help cold symptoms (stuffy nose, sore throat, upset stomach and diarrhea).

17. Prevents indigestion.

18. Helps with dandruff (mix 1/4 cup water and 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar together. Leave on your head for 15 minutes to an hour wrapped.)

19. Boosts energy levels

20. Helps nighttime leg cramps.

21. Banishes bad breath.

22. Fades bruises.

23. Removes skin tags.

Why I drink apple cider vinegar (Unfiltered)

I have been on stomach pills my whole life due to acid reflux. I finally went to a doctor who prescribed another stronger type of medicine. I decided to look up home remedies because I hate taking pills to cure body issues. I read about mixing 2 teaspoons with 2 teaspoons of raw honey (honey has so many benefits not listed in this blog post) with 4-8oz of water.

2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, 2 teaspoons of honey and 8oz of water. 

**Please be sure to speak to your doctor before trying this since it helps a lot of issues. If you are on medication you will want to speak to your doctor. 

Please never drink apple cider vinegar by itself you are suppose to mix it with water to dilute it. 

I got off my acid reflux medicine as per doctor orders. I now drink a cup of this in the morning or around noon. It has completely relieved my symptoms and I can completely say I am not on medicine anymore. Knowing it helps all things listed above is a huge bonus!!

Comment below if you have ever tried this!

What benefits are you looking forward to it helping?