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All About Covergirl Outlast

Who doesn’t love Covergirl right?! Well honestly I didn’t because the makeup would never stay on my face. Maybe it was because it was in my teen acne years! (You know when you try to cover your face all the time hence you are touching your face haha) Okay or maybe they changed the formula. There is three products I am madly in love with.

No joke I went to a store closing down and stocked up on all the Covergirl I could. If you were like me and didn’t care for covergirl keep reading! If you love covergirl just keep reading ?

The first product is Covergirl Outlast all-day lipcolor. Talk about a lipstick that stays put! I ate bacon, drank coffee anything I thought would take it off. It didn’t budge! You do have to re-use the conditioning stick after eating or drinking to keep it looking fresh. You know how you get a matte lipstick and you put your favorite gloss on then head out to town with your girls?! What happens after eating or drinking it starts getting sticky and rubbing off!! Eww!! Not to mention how bad it looks and you go running to take it off or put more lip gloss on to cover it up haha! With this product you won’t even need a mirror ?? it stays looking amazing all day!

The second product is Covergirl Outlast All-Day Concealer. Looking for the best concealer?? This is it! ? Do you hate heavy, pore blocking concealer? Of course, who wouldn’t right I don’t won’t acne at my age. This concealer was amazing for me (the mommy who never gets enough sleep) which means puffy, dark under the eye yuckiness. I found a few concealers that would cover it but it was either too thick/heavy or it wouldn’t last all day. Point is if you want a good concealer for combination skin this is it!

The third product is Covergirl Outlast All-Day Matte Finishing Powder. Okay you might say “What?” I had never tried a matte finish before on my face. Having combination skin it blows my mind I didn’t think of it sooner! I am the type of person who doesn’t want to waste money

on something I might not like. When I tried this product I was literally so impressed with it. My makeup has never been set better. It doesn’t go into my wrinkles where you are able to tell I’m getting older ?!

So let’s just say because I was so skeptical I missed out on great products!  I did receive these all complimentary for my honest opinions and because of that I was able to fall in love them. They all three are now a HUGE part of my makeup routine and will be for now on. I highly suggest you at least try one of the three and leave a comment with what you thought.

Thanks for reading my blog and I looked forward to your comments ❤️

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