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90 Degree Yoga Capris

Who doesn’t love yoga pants right?! Well if you are anything like me you own a few pairs haha. Most you see are really expensive. I mean I love yoga pants but the price makes me turn away really quick haha. I came across these when I received them in the mail they had a $78 msrp on the tag. WOW! Right! Guess what these Yoga Capris are only $18.99!!

These Yoga Pants  also have a hidden pocket in the front waistline! They are super comfortable and breathable. I wanted to test these pants out right. SO, I went to the gym with these and wow these are fantastic. I was comfortable the whole time while running it didn’t feel constricting at all on the legs.

The next day I wanted to test it out with my Piyo dvds! (If you are not familiar with Piyo it is a fast paced yoga.) I never once had to stop and pull them back up or pull them up higher so I could accomplish the positions. These Yoga Capris are a must have for someone who is doing Yoga, Piyo, Cardio or any type of exercising. Plus, they are super comfortable and are awesome to wear on your lazy days too haha.

Have you ever tried these? Comment below and let us know if you have tried these and why did you love them so much? (Yes, I say LOVE because I honestly have no clue how anyone wouldn’t love these haha!)

I did receive my pair of yoga capris at a heavy discount price for my honest opinion review.


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