5 Tips to Get the Best Possible Reception with Your Indoor Antenna

5 tips to get the best out of your antenna

There has been a high spike in people ditching their satellite providers due to the high cost and switching to an indoor antenna. Let’s face it you don’t watch that many TV channels at most you watch 10 channels right?! So why pay high prices for something you don’t get to pick the channels and you pay for all they want you to. We recently decided to cancel our satellite and try out our luck with an indoor antenna. We live out in the country so most of the time we don’t get a lot of benefits that people who live in the city can get. Simply put antennas are becoming a new thing again!

#1 Locate your broadcast towers in your area

 You need to locate the broadcast towers near your area so you can figure out which is the best way to position your antenna. ( https://nocable.org/current-location ) This site will also allow you to see the channels you can possibly get. If you are having trouble deciding if you should get an antenna this should be your first step to see what possible channels you can get. If you already have your antenna this will help you understand where you need to position your indoor antenna at for the best reception.

#2 Try to place your antenna near a window

 This is normally the best position for your antenna but not always! If you have metal on your windows this will block your reception and you won’t get as many channels or it will cause you to have poor reception. The best place to place an indoor antenna is at the highest point in your house facing the correct way and no where near metal (at least 6 feet away).

#3 Highest Point

 Okay not really on top of your house especially if you have an indoor antenna but you will want to place it at the highest point. If you use other sites to find out your broadcast towers some will ask you to input your estimated height of your antenna.

#4 Remember to keep it away from metal

 You don’t want to place your antenna near a metal. If you are looking to get the most out of your antenna you need to keep it at least 6 feet away from any type of metal. Including if you have metal bars on your window. Even if you think the thin metal won’t matter it really does! Like your metal screen bug protector yep that counts.

#5 Antenna Placement

 Get ready to spend a few minutes finding the best place to place your antenna. Yes, it will take a few different areas to find the best placement. You might find an area where some channels come in but not all so move it around till you are comfortable with the channels you are getting. Use these tips to find the best area in your home. Remember each time you move your antenna run a scan! If you are using a flat antenna you can use clear adhesive tape to hold it in one spot temporarily.

With patience and this post you should be able to get the best of your indoor antenna.

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I received this antenna complimentary for my own testing review purposes all opinions are my own.

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