10 Things To Give Up Before Your Fitness Journey

10 things to give \up

10 Things To Give Up…

Have you been thinking about starting your fitness journey? Maybe you have been thinking about your journey for a very long time. That is okay we all start when we are ready. But how do you really know when you are ready to start your journey. We are all scared of not doing our best or quitting. What if I told you if you can give up 10 things you will be on your way to a healthier you!

Excuses…. 10 things to give up

This is the first thing you need to give up. It is one of the hardest things to give up and will continue to be a battle. You’re “why” has to be stronger then your excuses. If you allow excuses to get in your way you will never achieve anything in this life. This also goes with procrastination because it too is an excuse! If you keep putting off working out because you have to do this or that. It becomes an excuse!

Self Doubt… 10 things to give up

Thinking you can’t do something compared to really not being able to do something is completely different. There is no reason to doubt yourself you would be surprised if you just try it. If your body just won’t do it make it a goal and achieve your goal. Having self doubt is something that will hold you back for a lifetime. If I can do it anyone can! This goes hand in hand with fear of failure because when you doubt yourself you fear the worst. Why worry about what will happen instead know you too can do it. Or know you will work to be able to do it.

People pleasing… 10 things to give up

We all fall into this category because we have all done this one time or another. You want to please people you want to hear the gratification in their voice. Guess what why not please yourself! You are the hardest person to please even if you don’t think about it. Your mind races and you think about the worst. What are people thinking about you when in reality they weren’t even thinking that. This goes right with Negative thinking if you think poorly of yourself then it will be able to be seen. There is no reason to ever have a negative thought. If someone is doing something know you can too with practice!

Fear of success… 10 things to give up

This might be the hardest to understand. You are scared of success what will it do to you. When you reach your goal where do you go from there? Well there will always be a new goal focus on your first one. Achieve that success and move on. Don’t hold yourself back because you are scared of success. Negative self talks is a huge when it comes to your success. If you put yourself down you will never achieve your success. Instead only think of the good things. Take a second to thank yourself and your body for allowing you to do a workout!

Negative people in your circle… 10 things to give up

This is the worst thing you can have. If you have a person who is always negative you will become a Debbie downer as well! Be very careful who you allow to be in your circle. It might sound mean but if you allow negative in your circle it will always happen. If you only want positive vibes make sure it is known. This goes hand in hand with judgement of others. Why would you want someone to judge you? Well, if you wouldn’t don’t judge others. Everyone has their own fight to get through on a daily basis and judging them making them feel less then is not the way to live. Lift people up and you too will be lifted up.

Enjoy your journey of fitness. Release all these listed above to be able to achieve your fitness goals. I wish you all the luck on your fitness journey! Please be sure to ask your doctor before working out or changing your diet. 

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